Tyre Repair

We repair tyres that have been punctured by nails. Get it patched or plugged by us. Economical fix run-flat or normal car & van tyre permanently and safe.

What we do is take off the wheel and investigate what caused the tyre to go flat or leaking slowly. If the wall of the tyre is damaged this is when you hit a pavement or gone over a pothole then you will have to change that burst tyre.

If a nail found we will mark its spot and take the tyre off the wheel.

Once tyre off we then get a special sander to grind behind the hole from inside of the tyre. On that surface will apply tyre repair patch using special cement.

If the nail is close to the edge of the tyre you might have to change the tyre.

We use quality products and essentials to repair tyres.

It can also be the tyre valve that's leaking or the bead seal might have rusted don’t worry let us investigate and tell you why your tyre is losing pressure.

We also offer the AA & RAC style string repair.

It takes 20 mins and we do it while you wait.
We only charge if it's repaired.

Patch Repair From £20 A Nail

Plug/String Repair £10 A Nail

Tyre Valve & Bead Seal From £15 A Wheel

We also, offer out of hour emergency tyre repair
Monday to Saturday 6 pm -11 pm &
Sunday 9 am - 11 pm

Patch Repair From £50

Plug/String Repair From £20

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