Fit New Brake Pads And Or Discs

We can sort out your brakes, at Yellow Tyre Shop or we’ll send you a professional expert fitter of brake discs & brake pads at your location at a time that’s convenient for you.

Our knowledge of fitting brakes on any vehicle leaves every brake shop behind. With vehicle changing to more efficient technology you can trust us keeping up with wrongs and right of installing car parts.

We'll make sure you see the differences.

Our customers are always raising questions about how comes I've never seen my usual mechanic didn't do this or do that. Our answer is simple his cutting corners or his trying to profit more by delivering less with the money you spent.

We use proper wind back tools on brake calipers. So we don’t damage the piston.

We also have the latest updated diagnostic equipment to use on electronic calipers and also to reset the brake warning light.

We don’t use copper grease we are against it, copper grease can be really nasty for brake components and can also interfere with electrical wiring and sensors. But we don’t use it because when copper grease gets hot it can stick your wheel to the hub which can make it difficult to change to emergency spare tyre when desperately needed to.

We use Cera-Tec which is made for brake components and will not interfere with an electric.

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