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Yellow Tyre Shop offers new tyres, part worn tyres, customising, wheel security lock nut break, mobile tyre fitting, puncture repair, wheel balancing, fit your own tyre or just few light bulbs change. We'll make sure that your car leaves us steering correctly with road worthy tyres.


We have onsite parking, waiting room & female friendly - tyres at a great price!


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Some of our services and products at a glance:


  • All types of tyre puncture repair service
    • String repair
    • Patch repair
    • Mushroom Repair
  • Products
    • New Budget Tyres
    • New Midrange Tyres
    • New Branded Tyres
    • Runflat Tyres
    • Part Worn Tyres
    • Used High Grip Branded Tyres
    • Tyre Pressure Valves
    • Light Bulbs
  • Customising
    • Alloy wheels 
    • Track Tyres
  • Steering
    • 3D Wheel Alignment


Questions about our services? Please contact us.

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