Tyre Puncture Repair

We repair tyres that have been punctured by nails. Have a Patch Or Plug. Run-flat or normal car & van tyre permanent fix and safe.


What we do is take off the wheel and investigate what is the cause of tyre gone flat or leaking air. If it's the wall of the tyre then you will have to change that tyre. If the is a nail we mark it and take the tyre off the rim.


Once off we then get a special sander to grind down from inside of the tyre. Behind where the nail or hole is and use special cement to glue down Patch or Plug.


If the nail is close to the edge of the tyre you might have to change tyre.


We use quality products and essentials to repair tyres.


It can also be the Tyre Valve that's leaking or the bead seal might have rusted away too.


We also offer AA & RAC style temporary string repair.


No appointments required. Just drive in Monday to Saturday 9-6 pm. 


It takes 20 mins and we do it while you wait.

We only charge if it's repaired.


From £20


We also offer after hour emergency repair

Monday to Saturday 6 pm -11 pm &

Sunday 9 am - 11 pm


From £40


Please make sure to call before arriving at our shop during after hour. The shop gate might be close but we live 2 mins away.

Call  07481078552 07481078552


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