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We Stock New London Vito Taxi & TX Taxi Tyres

We Stock New Tyres For London Black Cab Taxi's. Buy New Tyres For Mercedes Vito or TX. We're in the heart of Bethnal Green.


We do not sell remould tyres. We believe that they are not reliable and we believe you should be fitting New Tyres.


For Mercedes Vito Taxi New Budget Tyre 196/65R16C Costs £65 each.


For TX we do Maxxis Cab Special 175/16C Costs £65 each. 


This will include a new tyre valve installed as long it's not a TPM sensor. And we will also include wheel balancing doesn't matter which wheel is being changed.


Are you stuck and in desperate need of a new tyre for your Taxi, to be back to work straight away. We can help you with a Tyre fitted anytime of the day. Call us if we have the tyre in stock you can make your way to have this fitted now.


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